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Battle Hill Association

The Constitution of the Battle Hill Association states: "The Battle Hill Association shall be politically non-partisan and its objective shall be to protect the common interests of the residents and property owners of the Battle Hill area."

The Association seeks to develop, encourage, and foster in the community attitudes, practices, and projects in conformity with basic concepts of justice and equality of opportunity which will maintain or raise the social, economic and civic status of our community; to develop, encourage, and foster these objectives in the community among all persons regardless of race or creed; to play a vital part by appropriate action as members of the community in creating discussion and solution of problems which affect our community; and to cooperate with religious, civic, political, business and other community organizations in seeking to maintain the standards of the community on a high level.

To accomplish our goals, the Battle Hill Association has and continues to undertake many projects and programs to improve the quality of life in Battle Hill and in the City as a whole.

Your Dues at work:

Newsletter 2017

Mailing expenses

Website maintenance


Beautification: planters and planting performed seasonal.

New Garden areas being designed at our new playground.

PO Box Fees

Meeting expenses

Community Room Insurance

Membership for  2017:  

$20.00 per family annually (please consider adding something extra for the beautification and/or scholarship funds.  Your contributions make a difference!)

Make checks payable to:  Battle Hill Association

Mail to :

Battle Hill Association

405 Tarrytown Road

Suite 1404

White Plains, NY 10607

not tax deductible, non refundable

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